All in Cooking with Kids

Post-Fight Lemon Drops

First, you need to have a fight with your daughter(s). If you don’t have a daughter, a son will do. If you have both (or a few of each), choose (or fall into) any combination of your kids to fight with. Typically, you won’t have to do too much here, fights with kids seem to materialize out of thin air in an unexpected fashion.

After the fight, fume a little (a lot). Let both sides get ready for peace.

Then serve lemon drops as a peace offering.

Kind of Meringues

Some people call it meringues. I call it a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So, I was making custard style ice cream. Coffee flavor, obviously.

And I had a bunch of leftover egg whites. Five, to be exact.

All of a sudden, the voice in my head mysteriously whispered “meringues....”

Strawberry Caramel Ice Cream

Sit your kids at the dining table so you can yell at them while making a mess in the kitchen.

Read the ice cream directions at least seven times, while being interrupted with math questions. Realize your math degree is useless when it comes to 3rd grade Common Core. Realize that the directions won’t really sink in this afternoon. Realize, you don't care for directions!

Chocolate Poopcakes… Cupcakes, I mean Cupcakes!

Even though these particular cupcakes look a lot like poop, they taste much better than poop! I have no idea what poop tastes like (no desire to find out either), but it is commonly accepted that poop does not taste good. Chocolate cupcakes, however, are delicious. Speaking from experience. The experience is described here.