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(Almost) Handmade Outdoor Pillows!

(Almost) Handmade Outdoor Pillows!


My brother and sister-in-law laughed really hard when I told them I wanted a sewing machine for my thirtieth birthday (seems like it was yesterday).

When I told them I was serious, there was an awkward pause.

Then they laughed even harder!

Actually, they might still be laughing. They did give me the Sewing Machine for that birthday though. Oh, how I love it! And I've put to good use since then! Really, Halloween costumes, drapes, curtains, bed sheets... and I'm sure I'm forgetting something....

Now, this.

I decided to sew us the most gorgeous outdoor pillows!

Because, you know, buying the most gorgeous outdoor pillows is for sissies, who don't know how to sew. And - gasp! - for people who are okay with owning generic stuff. Obviously, I'm being sarcastic here. But yes, I like to pretend that I'm some skillful lady who has tons of time on her hand and makes unique things all the time.

(And yes, I'm aware of Etsy, and what not. I know you can buy the most gorgeous handmade yet professional-looking outdoor pillows at so many places out there. That's not my point. My point is, I felt crafty!)

So anyway.

I spent $xxx on this project. First world shame isn't letting me specify the xxx here. I dragged my littles to the nearest Jo-Ann, and spent $xx on their stuff there, too. Palm on face. Of course, who would buy the most gorgeous outdoor pillows for half that amount, if you can sew them yourself...

I don't know what it is with DIYs these days. I mean, I love watching them, and so do my kids, which is an even bigger problem. DIYs are supposed to be great for things that are either not available at stores, or are much cheaper to make at home. I think it's safe to say, (1) is not really a problem, and (2) is very, very questionable. After watching a ton of DIYs, first thing my kids do is not search the house for stuff they can use, but ask me to buy them a bunch of supplies! Then half of the stuff we bought is not the right size or the right color, or the right something else. So, we all lose interest and decide to finish this project "tomorrow."

What a bright idea.

Naturally, we end up having spent $50 on a pencil pouch that costs $5 at the store... And we don't even have the pencil pouch to show for it!

My 9-year old doesn't appreciate the irony.

But I digress.

I bought super cheap solid quality pillows at my favorite store. I have a few favorite stores ;) I didn’t care for the design, but the actual pillow size and the stuffing was good. Yes, I realize that buying the stuffing at some specialty store is probably even cheaper. If you know the what and the where! As long as you don’t buy those ready-for-cover pillows. They are made for us DIY wannabes and cost more than very fine pillows with covers at Macys or something.

So, originally, I was going to list my steps with pictures. However, I took so many steps and missteps that it would be really really embarrassing to show them to people.

Which is why here is a super quick gist of what one could do to make outdoor pillows. Remember to weave in assorted verbal unpleasantries about your life and various deities during the process:

  1. Get super excited about outdoor pillows. Buy the cheapest pillows on sale at any home store. I bought mine for $7 a piece, and I suspect you can find a better deal. The rest of the materials... Well it depends!:) If you'd like quality outdoor fabric, that may cost you. I found king of outdoor fabric on sale, and it was still $15 per yard. Three yards was enough for my 6 lumber pillows.

  2. Cut up the fabric. Sew the cover so that one of the short sides remains open. I opted for an additional seam in the middle to make it look like a flap. Stuff the pillow in the cover. Sew together the remaining short side.

  3. I bought these lovely oversize buttons to decorate the pillows. I like buttons. Especially oversize ones. They always look decorative. Of course, you could use tassels or any kind of embroidery to make the pillows your own. A word of caution: it can be dangerous! Every time I come to Michael's, I ask myself why I can't just live there. The answer to this question is painfully obvious when I'm at the register reaching for my wallet. So yes, these things can get expensive quickly. But anyway! They are so fun! And the best part was, I had a bunch of unused materials, so I returned them to the store.

Okay, I lied, that wasn't the best part. The best part was the pillows. Even though I ended up hating the buttons.

-I think they look nice! - said my supportive husband; then, seeing my face still clouded with sadness, he quickly added - hey, you wanna do gardening instead?

On my way to find new buttons. It never ends!

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