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The Blender Is Dead, Long Live the Blender!

The Blender Is Dead, Long Live the Blender!

The time has come to replace my old blender... It was a good one, but, alas, it died.

After very little thinking, I decided to replace it for the same thing! Because Vitamix, my friends, is the King of Blenders. It's pure magic. I was in love with my old blender, until the very moment its motor stopped beating. I almost cried. But then I remembered - hey, I can buy a new one! And that seemed to bring some consolation.

Conveniently, Costco held some sort of Vitamix event that week. The event didn't do much for me - no special prices (tear drop), and they only brought one other model in addition to the one my local Costco already carries in store.

But what a beauty it was! We looked each other in the eye, the blender and I, and realized... yes, we are in love. I brought it home. Looked over the package. Washed all the parts. Turned it on...

Okay, all kidding aside, I love the thing in the most trivial sense used for typical household appliances:)

Specifically, I love the following:

  • The Vitamix blender power that makes Vitamix the king of blenders. Seriously, the thing crushes ice, iced berries, nuts, kale, perhaps even rocks (though why would one blend rocks?!) - into dust. Powder. Soups and sauces have exquisite fine texture. Nut butters are smooth and silky. My old Vitamix (that was older and simpler than this new one) did a fantastic job of blending. This new one didn't disappoint.

  • Love-love-love the extra containers! The size of the container (64 oz) was my only complaint about my old blender. The model that I bought comes with two smaller containers (24 oz and 8 oz) that are the perfect size for making fresh guacamole for dinner, a personal size smoothie or a portion of salad dressing. Happy with the selection of size containers. I guess I could buy extra containers for a blender that comes with one container, too, but this set is perfect for my needs.

  • The 10-year warranty, woohoo! My old blender came with a 7-year warranty, which is excellent too. 10 years - even better. I like to like my stuff. Meaning, I get rid of the things that don't bring me joy, thank you very much Marie Kondo. I don't like getting rid of pricey things just because I don't use them enough or they aren't functioning well enough for me. So, I buy expensive things when I'm pretty damn sure they will serve me well. And for a loooong time. And I'm planning on using this particular appliance daily for quite a while, so yes, longer warranty is valuable.

  • The digital timer on the blender. Yes, I do have a clock in the kitchen. It's just kinda neat to be staring at the timer while your food is blending. And it stops all on its own. Handy little feature!

  • The cookbook. Of course, most if not all kitchen gadgets come with little recipe booklets. It's the quality of this cookbook that impressed me enough to even call it a cookbook. It's a hardcover, with professional cookbook-type pictures. It has a very inspiring classy introduction by the Vitamix CEO (yes, I'm the type that reads books cover to cover (even cookbooks) (especially cookbooks)). It has lots of recipes, obviously. They are not necessarily unique or anything, but some sparked my interest.

Such as this cream of asparagus soup! Conveniently, I have some asparagus that needs to be used up.


...and now it's showtime!

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